7 November 2017 Ekaterina Gritsienko

The Arctic legal center was presented in Moscow

The Arctic Legal Center was presented by the Director of the Association, Managing Partner of the law firm «Gudkov, Korelskiy, Smolyarzh» Denis Gudkov: «The Arctic should receive a special legal status, only in this case the territory will become attractive to investors and the outflow of population will stop. We already have a lot of materials and able to lobby bills, but it is also very important for us to receive an up-to-date agenda from all those who are interested in the presence in the Arctic».

«At the same time, we must solve two problems: the development of the investment climate in the Arkhangelsk region, and, most importantly, the formation of a comfortable living environment in the Arctic zone. We are already engaged in the examination of existing enactments and we are also creating a consulting center for supporting the entrepreneurial in the Arctic zone», said the member of the board of the center, the managing partner of the law firm «Gudkov, Korelskiy, Smolyarzh» Maxim Korelskiy.

Members of the Association are sure that the approval of the project at the federal level in the near future will give a powerful impetus to the development of not only the Arctic Legal Center, but the entire Arkhangelsk region.