3 November 2017 Ekaterina Gritsienko

The law firm «Gudkov, Korelskiy, Smolyarzh» is the general partner of the city mini-football tournament

«Although I am a professional lawyer, football is for me a big part of life, and now, looking back, I understand that sport really builds our character and even destiny. It is very important for a lawyer to see the goals but not obstacles. The lawyer must skillfully build tactics, respect the enemy, work in a team. Even now, when I enter the field, I again and again learn these things», - said Maxim Korelskiy during the grand opening of the tournament.

Such competition for the boys born in 2010 is held in Archangelsk for first time.

The law company «Gudkov, Korelsky, Smolyarzh» acted as the general partner of the competitions, which will be held throughout the school year. Seven teams will participate in weekly matches, and semi-finalists and finalists will be determined in May 2018.