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Pomor State Lomonosov University (since 2011 Northern (Arctic) Federal University), a degree in law. Specialization - civil law.

Professional experience

- Drafting of the expert opinion (as regards the Russian law) for the study of the national and international legal regime applicable to the Arctic Region (The legal regime for arctic shipping under national (Canada, Greenland & Russia) and international law);
- Drafting of the expert opinion on "Assessing the environmental impact of advanced space systems to be build and operated at the Plesetsk launch area (legal aspects);
- Ongoing legal support of election (electoral) campaigns at various levels in the Russian Federation, including the attendance of sessions of the Supreme Court;
- Support of the acquisition of a property complex (real estate items) in the Republic of Montenegro;
- Support of the acquisition of a group of sawmill companies in the Kotlas District of the Arkhangelsk Region.

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